Anne + Kristen: Austin Fitness Shoot


2015 is a year for us to build back our fitness portfolio after taking a year off to focus on other areas of our business. We are super excited to work with Anne and Kristen from Rogue Athletic Club on these portraits. They are both phenomenal athletes that have put in countless hours to build their fitness both mentally and physically as they attempt to qualify for the Olympics. At the time of the shoot Kristen had just returned from Edinburgh, Scotland where she represented winning Team USA in the 2015 Bupa Great Edinburgh Cross Country Race. Anne photographed with us this day and two weeks later for a super secret chilly session, more on that in later posts.

I love these photos because it shows the strong women doing their thing both as teammates and individuals. At times, the running is lonely and the ancillary workouts are isolating but then you come together as a team to work side by side.

We can make you look Olympic Level too, give us an email at to schedule your own fitness shoot.



#BoomAthlete : Chrissy Cowdrey Fitness Portraits


Chrissy needed fitness portraits for a project she is working on called “#BoomAthlete showcasing everyday people’s fitness through twitter and instagram using the #boomathlete hashtag. First, we love shoot that already have hashtags associated with them. Second, we are a big fan of fitness for everyone. We are proud to have coached experienced and new runners alike, so this project dovetails nicely with my own personal passions. That said, never in my life have I been as fit as Chrissy! She Booms and she Booms hard!

We covered this project in the area of Austin around the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge and the Seaholm Power Plant. We were lucky to have a random late summer rain storm blow in for the last bit of the shoot which made for some epically moody skies to shoot against. The first half of the session we mainly just used big silver and gold reflectors to punch in light where it was needed. Only toward the end did we break out one gelled speedlight to add drama to the scenes.

Let us know if you need fitness portraits or any other type of fitness related photography, we love it! And be sure to check out the hashtag in the coming weeks to see what Chrissy and her team have in store!






CG Arena: Commercial Photography


We have not been posting too much of our Commercial work lately. Mainly because we are in the process of setting up a different blog/website for those ventures. Thought it would be cool to see some of the sports/fitness/corporate work we have been doing for CG Arena though. Our imagery has been used all through their websites and marketing campaigns to produce a feel of edge and newness to what they do, which is group fitness in a gym. Very Social, slightly Different take on the traditional Gold’s, 24 Hour type place. We are slightly different too and have been good partners in this way.

Quick breakdown of our lighting setups. For the headshots, we have a speedlight with a red gel firing onto the background wall (it’s normally gray). The main light is an AlienBee with a sport reflector with a 15 degree grid providing the hard edged light from the left with a quick falloff down the torso. The red is a color element we have used in the past and is the dominant color in their Marketing materials so we felt it was appropiate to key it in.

For the more action-y images we had the same basic setup of cross lit lights, this time though with a yellow gel (Straw Amber I believe) to tie in to past photos we have done. For these also went with out grid to keep the action in the spotlight to let the trainers do their thing. Having to plan for a variety of trainers from yoga to hip hop dance we prefer the zone lighting for speed.

Further on that thought. Our plan was preparing for 90 minutes and 12 trainers in 10 minute increments. We setup a headshot station that Josh was photographing and then an action section with Austin on the camera. This provided quick changing ability for looks and feel while providing the client with less fees and hassle. This solution also was respectful to the trainers knowing they would be done in 10 minutes and not having to stand around and wait while every one cycled through. A win for everyone involved!

We will keep everyone posted on the new commercial site, it might be a month or two before it’s live. In the meantime expect a few more commercial posts while we wait.








Joe Thorne: IronMan

Joe on the Bike

Today we are featuring a trio of photographs that star Joe Thorne, a soon to be pro card triathlete. We are working with Joe to create a portfolio of images for his website and this post looks at his bike work. We will be scheduling some pool (yes, underwater) time soon, and then maybe a few on the run as well to get a full complement of bold images for him to use to attract sponsors. If you are a sponsor reading this, please sponsor Joe! And if you are an athlete or sports minded company, let us know how we can improve your portfolio of photography.

CG Arena: Commercial Photography

David on the Spin Bike

We have been working with CG Arena Group Fitness over the summer to upgrade and expand their imagery for marketing and advertising. Our second phase is in capturing their trainers with the same style of lighting and action that we covered in our first session. CG Arena’s color palette plays strongly on red which you will see in the highlights and edges of many of the following photographs. These will be used in place of normal staff headshots, yeah for forward thinking management team!, and allowed us to capture the trainers showing off what they can do. As a group they are a bit like the X-Men because each of them has a special talent to put on display.

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CG Arena: Hardcore Fitness

The gal that started it all

One of the area’s in photography that I am most excited to be a part of is the fitness realm. I am a strong believer in exercise being a strong component to healthy and successful living. Through my photography work at Rogue Running, we caught the eye of the owners of CG Arena. CG Arena is a new style of gym offering the bootcamp/crossfit world a new level of group fitness. We were tasked with showing the aspects of their new digs that highlight their differences. From the hour long chaos class to the disco ball in the spin room, we had a blast rocking along to the 30 or so athletes who worked out in front of cameras for 6 hours! We all got a workout.

Flip that tire!

Box jumps through the cargo net

Battle Ropes , yes, the camera got hit a few times to get this shot

Boxing portion of the Chaos

Fished Perspective on Boxing

Fist of Kickboxing

Sled Pusher – had to run alongside to get this one

Disco Ball and Ashley

Live with Passion

Thanks to the Cast and Crew at CG Arena for making the 6 hours fly by with sweat, hip hop and passion.

Ashley Erickson – Fitness Writer

Ashley at Sunrise

Meet Ashley Erickson. She is a fellow Rogue Runner and freelance writer/social media expert in the fitness arena. We crossed paths a few times and decided that she really needed better head shots and action shots for her website and marketing materials. Portraits and Action? My favorites! We met up early at Northeast Metro Park in Pflugerville to showcase a bit of the running trails that loop throughout the park. Continue reading

TRE Women – Exercise in Dirty Light

The Women of TRE - Natalie, Hannah, Kara, Sarah, Juliane and Dacia

The Team Rogue Elite women are an awesome bunch who make sacrifices to careers, family and friends everyday to chase the dream of becoming an Olympic Athlete. I support them with my photography. If you are interested, you can visit their website to support them as well.

The gals from TRE have needed updated marketing and promotional material, and we finally had time in all of our schedules to get together at Pure Austin Quarry Lake. The theme was tough, hard working runners who support each other through a team atmosphere. That meant group type workouts, suffering together, supporting each other, and rocking their Adidas gear.
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2012 Olympic Marathon Trials

Run into the Light

Had the opportunity to photograph the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials for Team Rogue Elite in Houston today. A wonderful chance to see TRE members Allison Macsas and Scott MacPherson charge through the three loop course. The Race Committee did a fantastic job of making the race accessible to spectators and for having a well informed and courteous volunteer staff.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Kona

7 Turtles a-leapping

Hello from Kona, Hawaii where we are covering the start of the Ultraman World Championships. The shots are taken from the grounds of the awesome host hotel, The Outrigger, and are meant to convey a warm holiday spirit.

We have plenty to be thankful of here at AzulOx Photography. We could not do what we love to do day by day without our friends, family, loved ones and our amazing clients that allow us to follow our dreams.

Thank you one and all from the bottom of our hearts.

Now enjoy some scenic eye candy.

Sunset on Keauhou Bay

Stalwart against the Storms

Motocross Practice – Austin, TX

Hot Wheel Flames!

It’s tougher that it looks.

We have all seen the X Games and late night ESPN coverage where guys are doing backflips and supermans like I eat breakfast tacos, often and with ease. After watching an open day at the Austin DelValle MX Track I have newfound respect for all who participate in this sport because it is not if you wreck but how often and how badly.
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Jeff and Cheri’s day before the Wedding – Race to the Altar Marathon – Warda, Texas

Finish Today, Start something new Tomorrow!

My friends Jeff and Cheri are trail runners. As such, they put together a trail marathon, half marathon and 5k for family, friends and people of like minds in Warda, Texas today, the aptly named “Race to the Altar Marathon”. Guests were encourage to come dressed up for a white trash wedding. We saw tuxedo t-shirts, top hats, altered-for-running-wedding gowns, and one loin cloth. For this couple, I can’t think of a better way to get in the gettin’ hitched mood, for tomorrow they wed!

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Austin Marathon 2011 – Year of the Rogue

Start of the 2011 Austin Marathon

Headed out yesterday to the 2011 Austin Marathon downtown. I coached 6 runners in Pflugerville for the Rogue Running mothership. They all made it to the starting line for a tough day of wind, heat and humidity. A quick note to say how proud I am of Amy, Jess, Jen, Glenn, Tim and Dave. Each of them persevered during this tough training season to accomplish new goals in their lives. Way to go Pfluger Pfasties!

After shooting the start and the expected fireworks, I met up with Carolyn on the last uphill by 11th street. We made sure to clap and cheer for Rogue’s in particular and to add noise to the course in general. I contributed with the click of my shutter.

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Feels Good!

Just had a photo published in a RunnersWorld Blog by Lisa Jhung about Ian Sharman breaking the course record at the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler in Huntsville this past weekend.

Here is a screenshot.

Trail Head Blog

The same image made it into’s race coverage and to race coverage at

To get this image, I had two strobes firing into each to create a zone of light for the runners to enter. I laid on the ground sideways shooting from a super low angle. Tech specs were something like 1/250th, iso100, f5.6. The backlight was gelled blue and the front light gelled orange. WB was shifted to about 4500k.

Anyhow, just a woo hoo! moment for me in that I get to check off a bucket list photography goal. Next to make it into the print magazine, and then Sports Illustrated!

Jeff & Cheri (&Rocky sometimes) – Engagement Photos – Walnut Creek Park, Texas

Jeff, Cheri and I have met on the running trails of Texas, usually with them running really long distances, and me taking lots and lots of photographs. We got together recently for some engagement photos that show off one of their favorite spots to run, Walnut Creek Park, with their dog – Rocky.

This crazy couple is also throwing a trail marathon event on the day before their wedding. You can check out “Race to the Altar” for more info.

We will be covering their wedding and trail marathon in March, can’t wait to post some of those photos too!

Rocky, really wanting to go running and not so much taking pictures

Jeff & Cheri, happily in love on a cool winters eve

Cheri's Calves after running 5 marathon plus distances in 5 weeks

Jeff and Cheri, on the trails in Walnut Creek Park

Robert Hillery – Ultraman, Marine

Raise your hand if you have ever wanted to run a marathon? Large group of you I am sure.
How about a double marathon? Smaller group, but I know of a lot of you who race 50 and 100 milers.
Keep your hand up if you want to run a double marathon at the end of a three day race featuring 6.2 miles of swimming, 261 miles of biking, and 52.4 miles of running? Not too many of you left, less than 500 people in the world have completed such a race.

Now add a large 20 lb. American flag to the run portion to honor your fellow Marines by raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The only person left raising his hand to do that adventrure? Meet Robert Hillery. Ironman, Ultraman, Marine, American Hero.

These are the photos of Robert during the run portion of the course to demonstrate the courage and conditions:

Start of Day One

Few miles into the Run

About the 10K mark of the run

Through the first Marathon

Burst of Emotion at the Finish Line!

Getting Hugs from his crew while mother Mary Ann looks on

Speaking to the crowd after the Race at the Awards Dinner

Team Pain Junkies

I am left in shock and wonder at the spirit, courage and determination of Robert and all of the Ultraman Participants.