Angela & Arron: Vista on Seward Hill Wedding -

Angela & Arron: Vista on Seward Hill Wedding


Fun Fun Fun Fest happened this past weekend in Austin, but I don’t think anyone had more fun fun fun than Angela & Arron at their wedding. Every photo we took had either Angela smiling, Arron laughing, Angela making a silly face or Arron trying to make Angela laugh some more. Just infectious laughter throughout the evening. Seriouly, watch the trailer we made for their wedding film and try to find a face that isn’t one step from hypoxic laughter.

A few of the vendors that made it happen
Venue: The Vista on Seward Hill
Catering: Southern’s Fine Dining
Florist: Just’in Roses
Planner: Patrice with All Occassions
Hair & Makeup: Adrian with Revelry Beauty
















Chelsea: Aggieland Senior Portraits

Aggie Senior Portraits - 12

We can’t believe Chelsea is graduating college from Texas A&M already. Seems like yesterday we were photographing her high school senior portraits. We traveled up to Aggieland on a beautiful fall Sunday to photograph Chelsea around the A&M campus. The session started at the iconic Dixie Chicken and their Bottle Cap Alley. We then travelled to a few of the campus highlights including the Aggie class ring, Kyle Field and the Administration Building.

Next time we photograph Chelsea I think it will at her wedding in another 4 years!

Aggie Senior Portraits - 3

Aggie Senior Portraits - 5

Aggie Senior Portraits - 10

Aggie Senior Portraits - 17

Aggie Senior Portraits - 20

Aggie Senior Portraits - 21

Antonio & Michelle: Lone Oak Barn Wedding


No pressure for this wedding, the groom Antonio is also a photographer and he is up for anything. The bride, Michelle, is the little sister of one of our running friends. The expectations are always high of course, but I would be lying if I wasn’t a bit nervous heading into this fall Saturday. Thankfully we had the team from Life Styled Events to keep the day running smooth.

The ceremony at St. Elizabeth of Hungary started the day off with a dual language service. Beautiful stained glass adorned the chapel with vignettes of the other area Catholic Churches, a nice inclusive touch. From the church it was off to one of favorite venues, Lone Oak Barn in Round Rock, where the party really got started.

A few of the brushstrokes from the reception that stood out to me: A fun photobooth, a dad’s toast that veered into Cajun, the groom and his mother dance that left my eyes a little watery, and a couple madly in love. Of course the cowbell to ring for a kiss was the evening’s favorite game to play anytime Antonio and Michelle were more than 5 feet away from each other.

Congratulations to Antonio & Michelle!



















Joseph and Sara – Texas Hill Country Engagement

Joseph and Sara – Texas Hill Country Engagement

Joseph and Sara - Texas Hill Country Engagement-0013

It’s always a special privilege to work for another professional photographer. When our friend Joseph asked us to be his wedding photographer, we were honored. There is a validation that goes with that, but also special responsibility and pressure. Phase one is the engagement shoot, and it is probably my favorite part of wedding photography. The ideal engagement session isn’t fast. It is relaxed and it is fun. I think relaxed and fun sums up Joseph and Sara’s hill country engagement.

We had a blast and made a ton of fun photos around the hill country. Picking the set for this blog was no easy task. The day began at the Stargazer cabin outside Fredericksburg with clear blue skies, tall brown grass and post oaks. We strolled up and down Main St in Fredericksburg for a bit, seeing the sites and making images. We hung out and chatted over a relaxed lunch at Rothskeller while we all flipped through the photos and talked about growing up in small town Texas.

Our plans hit a slight snag at Enchanted rock… The park was closed due to a managed hunt going on, so we diverted to Inks Lake. Luckily, we had time for the change in plans and spent sunset having some fun (including a cliff diving photobomb) around Devil’s Watering Hole.

Hopefully you like the images as much as we do.

Joseph and Sara - Texas Hill Country Engagement-0015

Joseph and Sara - Texas Hill Country Engagement-0003

Joseph and Sara - Texas Hill Country Engagement-0004

Joseph and Sara - Texas Hill Country Engagement-0005

Joseph and Sara - Texas Hill Country Engagement-0014

Joseph and Sara - Texas Hill Country Engagement-0009

Joseph and Sara - Texas Hill Country Engagement-0010

Joseph and Sara - Texas Hill Country Engagement-0012

Joseph and Sara - Texas Hill Country Engagement-0011

AJ & Jennifer: Waco Wedding

We are so thrilled to be sharing the first true Waco Wedding we have covered with both stills and motion. AJ & Jennifer are the happy couple that are the stars of this show from the Phoenix Ballroom. The day contained many firsts for us not the least of which is that Jennifer is an adventuresome bride and climbed into the wrestling ring outside her hotel. She felled all comers to take the Champion Belt, quite a feat in a wedding dress. Certainly our first wrestling champ bride. The second first is a raise the shoe game that I have never seen before. Kind of like the Dating Game but with better sartorial choices.

The final first is hard to put into words, but the brother of the bride came out in a dress for the dollar dance and proceeded to reenact the dance scene from Dirty Dancing with the best man. The dollars went to not dance with him!

We had a great time in Waco, let’s do it again sometime.

Make sure and watch the wedding trailer below, leave a happy comment for AJ & Jennifer!

AJ Jennifer Social-3

AJ Jennifer Social-5

AJ Jennifer Social-6

AJ Jennifer Social-7

AJ Jennifer Social-8

AJ Jennifer Social-11

AJ Jennifer Social-14

AJ Jennifer Social-15

AJ Jennifer Social-17

AJ Jennifer Social-18

AJ Jennifer Social-19

AJ Jennifer Social-24

AJ Jennifer Social-26

AJ Jennifer Social-28

AJ Jennifer Social-31

AJ Jennifer Social-32

AJ Jennifer Social-35

AJ Jennifer Social-37

AJ Jennifer Social-44

AJ Jennifer Social-46

AJ Jennifer Social-48

AJ Jennifer Social-49

AJ Jennifer Social-53

AJ Jennifer Social-54

AJ Jennifer Social-55

AJ Jennifer Social-57

AJ Jennifer Social-62

AJ Jennifer Social-64

Britt & Kristina: Burnet Engagement Portraits


Britt & Kristina have a love of water, and in planning their engagement portraits we discussed a few options but settled on one of our favorite locations, Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, Texas. The team there is fantastic, good people. Anyhow, our first setup involved Britt & Kristina on a pier. Josh being the adventuresome sort knew that the right angle required him to be a few feet in the water, and after 3 steps, he was in the water, up to his neck. College beer skills saved his favorite camera from taking a drink.

Once the normal photoshoot tension was shattered, we rollicked through three outfit and light changes around the lake at Reveille Peak. The other super cool location was on the back side of the dam where the overflowing water has revealed the pink granite. This was a tough part to shoot, happy with what we got, but already looking forward to getting more from this wave location.

Britt mentioned that he was a photography minor in college, so now we have to plan something outrageous for their wedding. Leave any crazy suggestions in the comments.



kristina quick-1




Noah & Vanessa: Austin Wedding - Austin Wedding photographer, First Dance, Brazos Hall

Noah & Vanessa: Austin Wedding


Dream Austin Wedding. Let’s start with the bride, Vanessa. Look at every photograph she is in and you will see relaxed, happy, effervescent, and in love with Noah. And those are just the ones in this post. We literally have 100’s of photos of Vanessa laughing, giggling and telling stories with her bridesmaids and family. A perfect photogenic bride. And then there is Noah, the man behind the scenes making every thing happen. Perhaps the most involved groom we have come across in planning and that’s a great thing. What woman doesn’t want a husband that is involved and cares about the outcome of their life events. Good on you, Noah.

Secondly, the friends and family that came out to share their love for the wedded couple. From all over the States and even a kilted man from Scotland, yes the accent was killer. The family that surround Noah & Vanessa and made us feel like a part of the family too. Thank you for the kindness.

Finally, let’s talk about the amazing vendors that made the day go smoothly and awesomely. Any event would do well to just copy and paste this vendor list. A guaranteed good time will follow. See what we mean by Dream Austin Wedding?

Wedding Team

Reception Venue: Brazos Hall
Floral: STEMS Floral
Ceremony: St. Austin Catholic Church
Planners: 11:11 Events
Caterer: Royal Fig Catering
Music: DJ Gatsby
Lights & Chandelier: Intelligent Light Design

We are excited to be sharing not only these photographs now, but soon the Wedding Film Trailer and then the full Wedding Highlight Film. In the meantime here is a link to their fun Save the Date Video we captured alongside their engagement portraits all around Austin.

Noah & Vanessa, thanks for having a part of your big day, congratulations!
















The Last of Summer: Underwater Sessions


Summer is quickly slipping away and so is your chance to be a mermaid in 2015. We are offering 2 days of underwater sessions on September 16th and 17th. $500 for the session gets you professional underwater makeup, mermaid tails and the photos from your session! Please email to schedule your session. Sessions are between 90-120 minutes and can be used as a solo session or with a pair or group of friends.

We hosted 2 days of mermaids this July and had our most diverse group ever. A bachelorette party, a maternity session, an evil Siren, a cosplaying super herione, and mermaids all around. These sessions are truly one of kind and we only offer them once or twice per year. If you have ever wanted to be photographed underwater with AzulOx, this will be your last chance until July of 2016.


Mermaids2 5d2-1

Mermaids2 5d2-65

Mermaids2 5d2-158

Mermaids2 5d3-192

Mermaids2 5d3-226

Mermaids2 5d3-243

Katie & Adi: Beverly Hills Wedding

Beverly Hills Wedding5

Adi gets Katie. Katie with her dreams and quirks and details. Adi smiles, laughs, pulls her in close and off they go on an adventure. Makes our hearts warm to see couples so in tune with each other, on the the same wavelength. We met Katie and Adi two years ago at the rehearsal dinner for Ashley & Andrew and we had a pretty good idea then that this was a couple that would endure. Katie and I bonded over comic books and nerdy things almost instantly and we are proud to be her photographer.

Our general photographic stance for their Beverly Hills wedding was to photograph Katie & Adi as if they were movie stars and we were the paparazzi following them about. The Beverly Hills Four Seasons is an tres chic venue for such stalking. The culmination of this approach is the 15 minutes we were allowed to photograph atop the hotel on their helipad with panoramic views of Los Angeles. Coolest. Setting. Ever. I mean seriously, a helipad, always a first at every wedding!

The details were great, the ceremony was great, the band was great. And still, those all paled to the light that shines between Katie & Adi. He is a prince and she is a princess in their fairy tale. Not in the sappy way either, but in the fairy tale where they have each other’s back and with each other can take on any challenge in the world.

Special thanks to Tessa Lyn Events for running the day!

Beverly Hills Wedding-4

Beverly Hills Wedding-3

Beverly Hills Wedding-2

Beverly Hills Wedding-1

KaBeverly Hills Wedding7

Beverly Hills Wedding-8

Beverly Hills Wedding-17

Beverly Hills Wedding

Beverly Hills Wedding-20

Beverly Hills Wedding-21

Beverly Hills Wedding 24

Beverly Hills Wedding-12

Beverly Hills Wedding-14

Beverly Hills Wedding 28

Beverly Hills Wedding 30

Beverly Hills Wedding-29

Beverly Hills Wedding-27

Beverly Hills Wedding-41

Beverly Hills Wedding-42

Beverly Hills Wedding-37

Beverly Hills Wedding-36

Beverly Hills Wedding-35

Beverly Hills Wedding-32

Beverly Hills Wedding-44

Beverly Hills Wedding-10

catholic, civic center, new braunfel, ryan, shannon, the hunt is over, wedding, Austin Wedding photographer

Shannon & Ryan: New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

The hunt is over. At least that’s what the groom’s cake said at Shannon & Ryan’s New Braunfels wedding. Shannon & Ryan love the outdoors, they love each other, and all 300+ guests love them. Shannon & Ryan were encircled on the dance floor for the first dance at the Civic Center. They locked arms for one of the bigger Grand Marches I have seen in a while. We had a blast photographing and filming this wedding, reminded me so much of my own with the grand march, the multitude of guests and the generations that came out to support the newyleds.

Congratulations Shannon & Ryan!

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

New Braunfels Wedding

Veronica & Graham: New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Our first destination wedding of the Summer is Veronica & Graham from the Crescent City… New Orleans! (click here for the amazing day before bridal portraits) The day started at the famous Hotel Monteleone, home of the carousel bar, where Veronica and her brides gathered, got ready and generally got going. From there down St. Charles to Loyola University for the amazing chapel with the longest aisle I have even photographed at a wedding. Seems like a football field from back door to the altar. The day finished with a rousing dinner at Brennan’s (where Banana’s Foster was invented) and a only-in-New Orleans-Exit with a brass band.

Congratulations to the new Garret’s! Proud of yall!

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Veronica & Graham's New Orleans Wedding

Emily and Joseph Austin Style Wedding, Barton Springs , austin wedding photographer

Emily and Joseph: Austin Style Wedding at Mercury Hall

Bride takes the plunge at Barton Springs

We can get used to the idea of Brunch Weddings. Emily & Joey tied the knot and took the plunge at Mercury Hall and then Barton Springs, literally took the plunge! (scroll down to the bottom if you don’t believe us). The wedding was full of Austin flavor. Pink flamingos surrounded and attacked the couple throughout the day. Hops & Grain and Austin Beerworks beer was there to keep everyone nice and cool along with many mimosas. Tiny Pies with their big bursts of flavor in tiny packaging. The secluded and chic Mercury Hall provided the backdrop to the days festivities. And pancakes! More weddings definitely need to have pancakes for brunch.

And yes, after the wedding we had a bit more Austin fun. We all headed over to Barton Springs where we had a bouquet toss with complete strangers and then Emily & Joey leaped hand in hand in into the icy waters of Barton Springs in front of clapping and cheering friends, family and well-wishing strangers.

Congratulations to Emily & Joey and all their Austin vibes!

Bride getting ready at Mercury Hall

Instant wedding pictures on mirror frame.

Bridal Boquete on Rustic Chairs

Tiny Wedding Dinasaurs with Cactus.

Grooms Boutonnière.

Mom pinning the boutonnière on the groom.

Ceremony under the oak trees at Mercury Hall.

Attack of the Flamingos.

Flamingos at an Austin Style Wedding.

Delicious Tiny Pies.

His and Her Wedding Rings

A Quiet Moment During the Reception.

A Flamingo Exit.

Couple Taking the Plunge at Barton Springs

Underwater Wedding Bouquet.

Michelle & Antonio: Engagement Session in Dallas

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Been a bit of a whirlwind this summer with assignments and shoots around the big state of Texas. And truth be told this engagement session in Dallas had me a bit nervous. See, Antonio is a photographer himself and has high expectations. Michelle’s older brother turns out to be a running friend of mine. So we had a bit of pressure on either side to turn in something fairly epic. The shoot itself took place mostly in the Arts district in downtown Dallas and finished in a secret parking garage to get twilight skyline views. The pressure went out the door the moment we pressed the first shutter. Tonio and Michelle are just a riot to work with; funny, smart, charming and a very beautiful couple. We had a bunch of fun playing with water, light and lines in ways to tell their love story. My favorite is the last photo in yellow… comfortable in front of the camera much?

Look for this couple’s wedding at Lone Oak Barn planned by Life Styled Events in September, we have been plans for that day too!

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Dallas Skyline Engagement Session

Bhumi & Savan: Houston Theater District Engagement


Uptown Style. Bhumi & Savan’s Houston Engagement session featured backdrops at the Williams Water Wall and then into the Theater District. Bhumi wore 3 distinct dresses, from her traditional sari to a classic little black dress. Savan was the perfect future husband accessory to Bhumi’s style, he looked great in a suit and stood stoic in the photos letting loose with the occassional ear to ear grin.

Tell us your perfect Engagement Experience and how we can help photograph it, always up for new ideas






Veronica: New Orleans City Park Bridal Portraits


We had the recent opportunity to travel to New Orleans to photograph Veronica & Graham’s wedding. Not wanting to leave an opportunity unturned, we convinced Veronica to wake up early Friday morning to put on her bridal gown so we could get posey with her around New Orlean’s City Park. She was kind enough to bring along a crew of her friends to help with the dress and her sister who just happens to be a pro makeup artist. The WPA-era structures around City Park made for for amazing bridal portraits, and the New Orleans heat and humidity made sure we didn’t take up too much of Veronica’s time. The last photograph is in front of the New Orleans Museum of Art and we used a spot grid to highlight Veronica in front of the imposing facade of the museum.

The park here was a revelation to me. I have visited New Orleans several times over the years but felt like this was the first time I was outside of the tourist zone. The buildings and structures around City Park are worth reading about and I suggest on your next trip to the Big Easy that you take a stroll through this historic area.





Julie & Garrett: San Antonio Riverwalk Engagement


Whirlwind! Julie & Garrett wanted to do an engagement shoot that showed off their rambling, adventuresome side. We met at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio and palled around there for a while in the giant pagoda and near the waterfall until we found these exploding red flowers. Also had to utilize the old concrete kiln that produced the first Portland Cement west of the Mississippi.

From there a quick trip to Alamo Brewing Company and the restored railroad bridge that traverses the train tracks. A needed pint of hefeweizen and off again to the Riverwalk area of downtown.

This was the crazy part of the session. The Riverwalk was packed with tourists making it hard to walk along the historic sidewalks. The river barge operators spotted us every time and cajoled the crowd into cheering for Julie & Garrett. But finally we found the quieter parts of the old river and made the glowy sunset photos we were after.

We love this type of engagement session, where only a rough outline of the day is drawn and we spend our time chasing the light and color we seek to define the mood. Thanks to Julie & Garrett for running around town with us!