Austin Giraffe Bridal Portrait - Austin Wedding Photographer

Shay’s Giraffe Bridal Portraits in Uvalde

We love a crazy idea. When Shay asked if we would go to Uvalde to make some epic bridal portraits, we said yes. I’m not a big fan of the word “epic”, but I think it is appropriate in this case. We started off searching the ranch for the giraffes with my truck. We didn’t have to look for long. One of the giraffe’s and her calf were hanging out near the front of the property among the mesquite trees.

Austin Giraffe Bridal Portrait - Austin Wedding Photographer - Epic Bridal Portraits

Austin Giraffe Bridal Portrait - Austin Wedding Photographer - Epic Bridal Portraits

Austin Giraffe Bridal Portrait - Austin Wedding Photographer - Epic Bridal Portraits

If you ever need to make friends with a giraffe, just bring a bag of carrots, or maybe a bridal bouquet. She seemed equally interested in eating either.

Austin Giraffe Bridal Portrait - Austin Wedding Photographer - Epic Bridal Portraits

Austin Giraffe Bridal Portrait - Austin Wedding Photographer - Epic Bridal Portraits

Austin Giraffe Bridal Portrait - Austin Wedding Photographer - Epic Bridal Portraits

Storm Cloud Bridal Portraits

Austin Giraffe Bridal Portrait - Austin Wedding Photographer - Epic Bridal Portraits

Austin Giraffe Bridal Portrait - Austin Wedding Photographer - Epic Bridal Portraits

Austin Giraffe Bridal Portrait - Austin Wedding Photographer - Epic Bridal Portraits

Austin Giraffe Bridal Portrait - Austin Wedding Photographer - Epic Bridal Portraits

Check out Shay and Jason’s Inks Lake engagement photos.

Veronica: New Orleans City Park Bridal Portraits


We had the recent opportunity to travel to New Orleans to photograph Veronica & Graham’s wedding. Not wanting to leave an opportunity unturned, we convinced Veronica to wake up early Friday morning to put on her bridal gown so we could get posey with her around New Orlean’s City Park. She was kind enough to bring along a crew of her friends to help with the dress and her sister who just happens to be a pro makeup artist. The WPA-era structures around City Park made for for amazing bridal portraits, and the New Orleans heat and humidity made sure we didn’t take up too much of Veronica’s time. The last photograph is in front of the New Orleans Museum of Art and we used a spot grid to highlight Veronica in front of the imposing facade of the museum.

The park here was a revelation to me. I have visited New Orleans several times over the years but felt like this was the first time I was outside of the tourist zone. The buildings and structures around City Park are worth reading about and I suggest on your next trip to the Big Easy that you take a stroll through this historic area.





Hannah: Lone Oak Barn Bridal Portraits


We just wrapped up photographing Hannah & Charlie‘s Wedding this weekend, so now we can share her fantastic bridal portraits from Lone Oak Barn. Lone Oak Barn is one of our favorite venues so we had to work hard to show off all of it’s potential. The wind had a mind of it’s own and presented us with 25 mph winds for the duration of the shoot. We started off inside to keep Hannah’s long locks in decent shape before we ventured outside to see what drama we could add with the wind. We ended the session with lensbaby 35 for some crazy light bending in the courtyard at blue hour. We hope you enjoy, and keep watching for their wedding post too, a guitar playing-singing groom?






Haide: Bridal Portraits from Hacienda Las Trancas, Mexico


Excited to share this set of bridal portraits from our Mexican Road Trip summer adventure. If you follow our blog you would remember Haide & Manny’s engagement sessions in Dolores Hidalgo & Guanajuato, and today we get to share the bridal portraits from the 400 year old Hacienda Las Trancas in the village of Las Trancas outside of Dolores Hildalgo.

The hacienda sits across the soccer field from Haide’s parents house in Las Trancas. Our first morning there we walked over and asked if we could shoot portraits inside the Hacienda. No was the answer. We then traveled to Dolores Hildalgo to watch some World Cup soccer/futbol and scout for the rest of the trip. As the American game reached halftime and our breakfast plate delivered we got word that yes we could photograph at the Hacienda in a 2 hour window from 1pm-3pm. Scramble mode activated! Haide went off in search of hair and makeup in the local shops, Manny, Andrew and I went looking for a florist. After three versions of a bridal bouquet in a second language we ran back to get Haide and back to Las Trancas!

Inside the historic Hacienda was everything you could ask for in a portrait location. Gorgeous light, interesting textures, manicured gardens. We could have shot there for 2 weeks instead only 2 hours to cover a few of our favorite locations inside. We worked quickly and surely with one speedlight, one 24 inch softbox and one reflector to capture this set. Haide, as always, is stunning to photograph and this session was no different. We have built up a rapport over the years (Starting with her HS Senior Portraits!) that allowed us to get what we wanted in a short time period.

We hope you enjoy this set of photographs, we certainly had an amazing time photographing them. Let us know how we can fulfill your photographic dreams!






Katie: Bridal Portraits at STEMS Austin


Seems like we have been on quite the bridal portrait roll this spring and Katie’s are another fantastic example of what we can do with a trusting bride, gorgeous flowers, a unique venue and a sprinkling of bluebonnets. The location is the tucked away production office of STEMS floral design in West Austin. They are also responsible for the florals of the bouquet and the wedding day (coming soon!). The Texas spring gave us an adequete day but a whole field of bluebonnets to throw couches around in for Katie to preen on (Katie isn’t really a preener, I bet she would prefer being on my side of the camera honestly) and when you look as good as she does, preening is what you should do! Getting away from myself a bit, but the best part of the day is Katie in her wedding gown. Sweet, funny and trusting of what I wanted to accomplish… such as standing on the meeting table in STEMS offices to incorporate the cool metallic ceiling.

Anyhow, we are lucky to have clients such as Katie enter our lives and we are happy to return the favor in a small way by going the extra mile to make these bridal portraits as unique and lovely as our brides. Congrats to you and Nick!
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Stacy: Bridal Portraits at SwitchWillo in Austin


Stacy’s Bridal Portraits were one of those session that I wish I could share immediately. There were so many facets of this session that combined to make it a special one for me. We had a great, playful horse in Wowser that felt it was the star of this portrait session. The venue at Switch Willo Stables is personal to Stacy and an amazing hidden gem in north Austin. The flowers from A Gilded Affair were elegant as always. We had a team working with us and special thanks to Andrew who trudged along his 4×5 Land Camera to make a few film exposures. The sunset was one of those Texas sunsets that you oh and ah over and then is gone. Finally, we got to photograph Stacy for a few hours. She is a warm glow of light in any setting and outfitted in her wedding gown surrounded by horses and friends she was positively radiant.






Ivy: Bridal Portraits in Austin

IvyBridal-21Edit SM

We had a fun challenge shooting Ivy’s bridal portraits last month. The goal was to shoot one normal portrait and one creative portrait. Ivy told us to that once the photographs that would satisfy her family were taken that we would then have free reign to do as we pleased as long as we didn’t destroy the dress one month before the wedding.

We chose the Scottish Rite Dormitory to give the main portraits an old world feel. The main lobby gave us quite a few angles to shot in and big glass windows streaming in sunlight. We used both soft natural light, strobe soft light from an 86 inch umbrella and a hard grid to give a speakeasy feel to the piano photograph. The dorm really has great potential and we loved the stares and questions from the young college students as we navigated around their study locations.

While we were at the dorm my buddy Andrew, one of our senior photographers, took 4 portraits with his 1953 Speed Graphic 4×5 film camera. We lit them with a 1×1 FV led light panel and then processed the scans in photoshop to really give the resulting image a vintage almost Hollywood feel to it. It’s the last photograph in this post and we love the way it turned out.

Our 2nd and final location is the graffiti wall at 10th and Baylor. We chose the topside to also photograph the Austin skyline with the Capitol also in view. Ivy made a video to encourage Ellen to attend her wedding and she used this location for part of the video, wearing one of my wedding dresses! (We have 6 now and are always taking donations…) So there was some synchronicity to this location as well, plus it has great colors to use against a white wedding dress.

Thanks to Ivy and her family for allowing us to take a leap away from normal in our bridal portraits. The wedding was a blast and we have lots more images to share coming soon

IvyBridal-9 SM

IvyBridal-30edits SM

IvyBridal-54edit sm

IvyBridal-82 SM

IvyCloseupBW SM

Stephanie: Camp Lucy Bridal Portraits in Dripping Springs

Camp Lucy Bridal Portraits

Stephanie’s bridal portraits from this summer were one of our hottest portrait sessions of the year. Temperatures were hovering around 108 degrees when we started our shoot. We definitely did what we could to utilized the air conditioned areas first, stayed hydrated, and then finished off with the outdoor sections a bit later in the day. I also remember laying on the cool concrete patio to keep my temperature down during the breaks in action. How Stephanie managed to look so radiant is another reason I will never fully understand the secrets that women hold.

Thanks to Camp Lucy for being accommodating during our session, we had a great time there for the bridals and for the ceremony. In case you missed them, here are Stephanie’s engagements on our blog, and her ceremony on our blog.

Camp Lucy Bridal Portraits

Camp Lucy Bridal Portraits

Camp Lucy Bridal Portraits

Camp Lucy Bridal Portraits

Camp Lucy Bridal Portraits

Camp Lucy Bridal Portraits

Sarah: Bridal Portraits at Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose Bridal Portraits #-1flattendblog

We just finished up photographing Sarah & Ryan’s wedding and now we can share Sarah’s Bridal Portraits from Mission San Jose in San Antonio. I haven’t been to the mission since a grade school field trip and was surprised by how many photographic opportunities there are at the Mission. It was also fun to imagine that we were settlers living in a walled city but that’s a different post for a different blog. Sarah is wearing her mother’s bridal gown for these portraits and we felt the historical venue with an older style dress was a good pairing.

We hope you enjoy these bridal portraits and look forward to sharing a blog about there wedding day.


Mission San Jose Bridal Portraits #-3

Mission San Jose Bridal Portraits #-2

Mission San Jose Bridal Portraits #-1

Mission San Jose Bridal Portraits #-5

Mission San Jose Bridal Portraits #-4

Cathie in Gruene: Bridal Portraits


We have had tons of fun prepping for Cathie and Andrew’s wedding. Their gallery of photographs includes a Mad Men themed engagement session, a film engagement session, and now this Bridal session on the banks of the Guadalupe River in Gruene, Texas. So much gorgeous to photograph! Cathie brough along her mother and maid of honor to help with the props, the change of shoes, and make sure the dress stayed clean and dry as we positioned her in various spot around Gruene. Special thanks to Gilded Petals for their Floral Crown for the fairy image at the top.

Stay tuned for the wedding photos and as we took those last night and need a little bit of time to process them, hope these stunning bridals tide you over until then!



PBK Stem & Stein: {Bridal Style}

We put together a bridal style shoot this week to show off the new Pflugerville destination venue PBK Stem & Stein. Great use of a super cool building in downtown P-ville with a history that dates back to a Prohibition-era Speakeasy. Super cool upstairs bar, nice little nooks and crannies to explore and the best patio in town. Our style team showed their pro chops by getting this up and running in a heartbeat, just like a real wedding!

Flowers: Flower Child Design
Venue: PBK Stem & Stein
Models: Jenny Lynn Larsen & Nicole Bowler
Hair/MUA: Crystal Glass Makeup
Breakfast Tacos: Me!
Masks: Jennifer Davis with Pilgrimage Design

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Bella by Sara Style Shoot: Kiara & Bouquets

Kiara at Sunset

We had the privelege of working with Bella by Sara Event Floral Design on a styled bridal shoot displaying a few of their new bouquet ideas. Leena with Singar Studios provided the hair and makeup for our bride for the day, Kiara, at a private residence in Dripping Springs. More of these photos will be used in Bella by Sara’s website and marketing in 2013, but we had to show off a couple of these today! Which bouquet is your favorite?

A couch in a field with a bouquet

Wispy Dreams

The fountain of youth

Make sure and check out their work! These are vendors we have worked with repeatedly and love their execution of artistic ideas.


Cindy’s 10 year Bridal Portraits: Austin, Texas

Searching amongst the trees

What a blast we had last weekend photographing Cindy and her husband for their 10 year anniversary photos! I think this is a tradition that more couples should pick up because we all have a great time and the photos turn out super terrific. One of the fun parts is that the dress doesn’t have to look good in front of 100’s of people in the next few weeks, so we can get a little more adventuresome with our placements of the bride. Not that the we have ever been accused of being boring. We headed down to the Long Center area of Austin to get a few with downtown skyline views and then a few more nature feeling spots. We also knew that we would get wet at some point (although it was a bit cold for our semi-planned Barton Springs section) and there is a great fountain to play with next to Doug Sahm’s Hill. We also had a super cool Cypress tree that was just asking to be photographed. Trees are very demanding in Autumn.

Also, shout out to my conspirators at Flower Child Design for the bouquet, always stellar work.

Let us know in the comment section with of these is your favorite. And if you are married and have an anniversary coming up, these make great gifts! wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Skyline views, but I only have eyes for you

Dancing near the arches

Playing in the fountain and maybe controlling the elements


Dana’s Bridal Portraits: @TerrAdorna

Silk Emergence

What a blast of a bridal session we finished up a mere 24 hours ago! Found a cool new artist run wedding and event venue at TerrAdorna, and sympathizer to strangely spelled and capitalized business names. The owners were gracious hosts to my photographic whimsies. Our bride looks like a more curvaceous Kiera Knightly and we had a good mix of interior Art Deco’ness mixed with wildflowers and a sunset. The set as a whole was very nice and I think these examples do the whole session justice.

Which one is your favorite? Leave your vote in the comments and the most voted on image gets a big print for the bride

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Alyssa’s Bridals

Sun Soaked Bride

We finally get to share Alyssa’s Bridal Portraits! Been holding off on this post since early January. We ventured to the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio for their varied grounds and scenery. The place was just amazing to photograph at because we never had to move more than 100 yards for all of our photographs. Places like the McNay are great for stimulating the senses with Contemporary Artwork around the grounds.

We have to thank Alyssa and Kevin’s Moms for being great assistants and for Leena at Singar Studios for her excellent makeup work.Continue reading

Audrey’s Bridals – Elgin, Texas

Goin' Home

Just finished up with an amazing bridal session, and had to get onto editing out a sneak peak so that I can share with everyone! We photographed Audrey in her beautifully scalloped dress at her parent’s farm in Elgin, Texas. We were lucky to have decent weather and amazing cloud formations to work with, especially after having to push the shoot back a day for inclement weather.

Audrey was great in front of the camera, she is my kind of quirky (see last photo), tall, graceful, gorgeous, and willing to listen. I realize no one is reading these words because they are too busy staring at her!

Thanks to Pinup Salon for the Makeup work, and thanks to Juliane for assisting me today.

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Chelsea – Trash the Dress Session – McMurtrie Farms, Pflugerville

In the Beginning

If you have followed my blog in the past year or so, you know that I love our local Pflugerville wedding venue McMurtrie Farms. Great facility that is continually getting better. The owner, Chelsea, had mentioned to me that she wanted to be a part of a shoot sometime and that “oh, yeah, I can fit in my wedding dress better than I did 10 years ago should we use that?”
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Wedding Shoot for Blushing Veil at Dunvegan Keep – Sneaks! – Austin, Texas

It's all about the 5 inch red heels

Just finished loading up the 700 or so shots from today’s photoshoot put together by Ms. Kristie from Blushing Veil Events staged at Dunvegan keep and a few downtown. My co-shooter today was Mr. James Griffith.

We had a great cast of talented models, willing volunteers, almost co-operative weather, fashionable stylists, wonderful hair and makeup, and a super cool venue.

Makeup Artists today included
Lana Johnson-Peter from 987 Beauty
Lori Green from Lovely Looks by Lori
Kaylin Johnson from KaylinJohnson Makeup Artist

Flower from my boys at Flower Child Design for their always impeccable work

On with the photos!
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Noel and Denise – Save The Date Video

From our not-engagement shoot from a few weeks ago with Noel and Denise. I knew in my head that I wanted to surprise the couple with a little something different. I have been experimenting more and more in the Still+Video hybrid shoots. For this shoot, I knew that I wouldn’t have access to my video function (that camera was elsewhere), but I did have access to my high speed burst mode 🙂

We went with a cinema theme because the happy couple loves movies! There will also be an appearance of the PropBooth at the Reception.

AzulOx Photography will be covering this wedding on 12/11/10.

Noel and Denise – Save The Date from Josh Baker on Vimeo.

Noel and Denise, I am so excited for you guys!

To get your super-awesome Engagements-Save The-Date video, please contact Josh at