Ale: Mystic McKinney Falls, Austin Senior Portraits

Ale - McKinney Falls - Senior Portraits - 20

Ale, a long time friend of AzulOx, contacted us to do her College Senior Portraits. She knew what we were all about and wanted to use our expertise to craft images that told a story of a young woman who wasn’t so approachable, a woman in nature with maybe a bit of magic to her. We chose the setting of McKinney Falls in south Austin to add a touch of history and a feel for the story of Austin. The water around the falls was really running strong so we started there with time slowing techniques to capture Alejandra with an infinite feel, like she had always been there. The sun was peaking around the clouds here and there and for a moment it felt like we were in another Continent with the way the light was bending.

We finished when the light from the day was almost entirely gone and the clouds were at the most dramatic. We took one of the darker portraits and took it a step further with a few crow composites to really drive home the magical feel of the evening. What type of magic can AzulOx conjure for your special portraits?

Ale - McKinney Falls - Senior Portraits - 03

Ale - McKinney Falls - Senior Portraits - 06

Ale - McKinney Falls - Senior Portraits - 01

Ale - McKinney Falls - Senior Portraits - 07

Ale - McKinney Falls - Senior Portraits - 04

Ale - McKinney Falls - Senior Portraits - 11

Ale - McKinney Falls - Senior Portraits - 09

Emily: Water Skiing Senior Photos in Seguin

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 010

On a boat! Emily’s Senior Portrait Experience featured the first time we have ever used a ski boat as a movable platform for our studio lights, or photographed a cap and gown on water skis! When Emily’s mother contacted us, we knew we were in for a special assignment. The conversation started with cheer-leading photographs and maybe around downtown Seguin in her Aggieland outfit, but the talk turned to Emily loving to waterski at Lake McQueeney and could we take some on the boat too. Well of course #teamblue was ready for that challenge. Josh was on the main boat with his flash on the chase boat where Andrew was stationed shooting with a flash back on the main boat. Team shooting allowed us to get different angles while Emily cruised around the water on 2 then on 1 water ski.

Projects like this are what AzulOx is known for, taking a normal senior portrait session and turning it into a Senior Portrait Experience with 2 photographers, assistants, and lights firing all over the waterfront. What can Team Blue do for you?!

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 013

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 009

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 007

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 008

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 015

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 004

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 016

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 017

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 005

Audrey: UT Senior Portraits in downtown Taylor


Audrey channels Audrey. Audrey and team AzulOx have been discussing a shoot like this for at least a year now. Late nights working weddings together usually yields some strange ideas but the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn and graduating from Texas Audrey seemed to merge for a hour or so in downtown Taylor. Sassy, Funny, and a little quirky our modern Audrey nailed her transformation. A quick outfit change combined with the speedy hair and makeup change by Revelry Beauty and we were on our way to a Brigitte Bardot 1960’s romp against and old Cotton Press. And what AzulOx shoot wouldn’t be complete without a sunset shoot with a sparkly gold dress.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Audrey UT 2016 graduate, she has already mastered the 1950’s and 1960’s, let’s see what the 2010’s have in store.




Audrey Senior Shoot - 0016

Audrey Senior Shoot - 0009

Audrey Senior Shoot - 0004

Chelsea: Aggieland Senior Portraits

Aggie Senior Portraits - 12

We can’t believe Chelsea is graduating college from Texas A&M already. Seems like yesterday we were photographing her high school senior portraits. We traveled up to Aggieland on a beautiful fall Sunday to photograph Chelsea around the A&M campus. The session started at the iconic Dixie Chicken and their Bottle Cap Alley. We then travelled to a few of the campus highlights including the Aggie class ring, Kyle Field and the Administration Building.

Next time we photograph Chelsea I think it will at her wedding in another 4 years!

Aggie Senior Portraits - 3

Aggie Senior Portraits - 5

Aggie Senior Portraits - 10

Aggie Senior Portraits - 17

Aggie Senior Portraits - 20

Aggie Senior Portraits - 21

Katrina: Liberty Hill Senior Portraits

Katrina2-18 Senior Portraits

Katrina is gracing the blog today with her horse farm Senior Portrait Experience from South Wind Equestrian Center. We enjoyed Katrina’s can do attitude as she rode a horse bareback and then cantered the horse for a set of photos, a lot of “Whoas” at the end to get the horse to stop. This attitude will serve the soon to be Liberty Hill graduate in Lubbock as she enters Texas Tech University in the fall. The day of our shoot was hot and muggy as the high pressure front of Texas Storm threatened, but Katrina kept her cool as we swapped out 5 outfits in just a couple of hours.

Guns Up Katrina! And thanks for having us out for your Senior Portrait Experience.
Katrina2-10 Senior Portraits

Katrina Senior Portraits - 062

Katrina2-22 Senior Portraits

Katrina2-37 Senior Portraits

Katrina2-39 Senior Portraits

Mimi: Seguin Senior Portraits


Mimi’s Senior Portrait Experience took us from the sunny shores of Lake Pflugerville to the neon lights of downtown Austin. Mimi came to us from Seguin, Texas and decided on water and urban as her themes to explore. The Pinterest board she created was full of sunny, hazy photos and lots of water. We took those choices and delivered photographs that could have been taken on any beach not just the 200 foot beach at Lake P. The unique part of the shoot for us was in downtown Austin. We chased the fading sunlight in the west 6th area finding angles and colors. Really excited for how that part of the set turned out.

Good luck to Mimi as she enters the University of Texas in the fall to begin her quest in becoming a doctor. Hook’em!





Scott: Swimming Senior Portraits


Scott presented us with a challenge to photograph his senior portraits underwater. Challenge: Accepted! We have tried to setup a Senior Experience like this for 3 years now so we were excited and nervous at the start of this session. Years of expectations and visions of the final photographs have been dancing in our heads for a while now. The actual shoot did not take place in our head though, for that we headed out to South Austin to the pool where Scott trains, the Austin Aquatics and Sport Academy run by Olympian Brendan Hansen.

Andrew and I divided up the shoot to maximize our limited pool time. Andrew took our underwater housing and photographed Scott from below the surface while I wrangled lights and concentrated on the above the surface photographs. We both played with strong orange/blue color combinations to mimic a strong sunset and cool tones of the water. Scott was a trooper and swam hard in 10 meter bursts for about a 1000 repetitions. Andrew and I are both super thrilled with how these photographs turned out and we hope that you enjoy them too.

Looking forward to following Scott’s progress as he heads up to Michigan to swim in college.

Let us know how we can photograph your Senior Experience!









Clay at UT Tower

Clay: Dripping Springs Senior Portraits


City to Country, Business to Golf to Farm. Clay is a young modern man with contrasts and facets in his life. Our Senior Portrait Experience started at the UT McCombs School of Business where Clay will be attending in the fall. Risky Business look? We think so too. From there we headed to Grey Rock GC to photograph Clay in his other passion, golf. We set up our lights to bring a ESPN the Magazine look to the photographs. We ended the day at his home in Dripping Springs to show off the softer side of his nature utilizing the beautiful natural light of the Texas evening.

A big Hook’Em to Clay and thanks for having us photograph your passions









Kaitlyn: Liberty Hill Senior Portraits, Part 2

Kaitlyn Liberty Hill Senior Portraits - 004

Part 2 of Kaitlyn’s senior portraits was a few weeks in arriving, weather and all being a question. Kaitlyn has been riding horses her whole life so we were thrilled that we could bring that aspect of her life into her senior portraits. Of course we took pretty shots (queue the bluebonnets and sunset), but we also wanted to highlight the more exciting aspects of riding a thoroughbred horse. What better way to do that than to add a little rain to the mix (and never mind the fact that her horse is named Rain too).

This time we took the photo’s at her mother’s riding school, Conner Combined Training in Liberty Hill. Adrian with Revelry Beauty was there once again adding the finishing touches to Kaitlyn’s hair and makeup.

Exciting, yes? We think so.

Kaitlyn Liberty Hill Senior Portraits - 003







Kaitlyn: Liberty Hill Senior Portraits


Excited excited to be sharing the first set of Kaitlyn’s Senior Portraits from Antebellum Oaks. We have big plans for parts 2 and maybe 3 if the Texas weather ever cooperates. Kaitlyn wanted something different from the norm and knew that we could deliver on her ideas that started with classic portraits and ended with an antebellum picnic reading classic books.

Kaitlyn is exactly the type of client we love, she has stalked our website for years now, knew all the crazy things we have done in the past and we are planning to top a few of those concepts for parts 2 and 3. She rides a horse named Dancing in the Rain if that gives you an idea of where we are headed.

Special Thanks to Adrian with Revelry Beauty for the three looks and a huge thanks to Antebellum Oaks for being gracious hosts!











Helina: Spring Senior Portraits in Manor, Texas

We love our repeat clients! We photographed Helina this past fall for herFall Session Senior Portraits and then we borrowed her again to film our first Senior Fusion Film and now we come full circle to her Spring Session that looks back at different moods in the 60’s and 70’s. These photographs are not your standard senior portraits (when are ours ever that way?) but the photographs are the creation of Helina’s ideas, the location at TerrAdorna, clothes from Ledbelly Vintage, and my interpretation of all the elements. I think the end result is personal and alluring in ways that bear a second or third viewing.

I enjoy the challenge that Helina has given me in that she basically gave us 3 different characters to photograph in one setting: 60’s era Mother filled with ennui, an extra from Sound of Music, and bohemian gal from the 70’s. See if you can figure out which is which.









Audrey: Senior Portraits and Film in Austin


Super excited to share our 2nd Senior Film, this time starring Audrey a soon to be class of 2014 graduate from Dripping Springs High school. Watch the video below to get the story told from Audrey’s point of view. Scroll down to see more of her fun-loving photographs. Had a great time capturing all of these elements of Audrey because she is sweet and funny and never makes the same facial expression twice! Just a range of emotions and intelligence is what we took away from our time with Audrey.

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Deanna: Senior Portraits from Georgetown, TX


Deanna met up with us in Georgetown, Texas for her Senior Portraits. She hails from Richland Springs out near San Saba and we felt a bit of pressure knowing she had driven 2 hours to have her portraits taken. Her family tagged along too as well, quite the peanut gallery I must add. They did a great job of keeping Deanna from ever keeping a straight face. We split the section into 2 parts, Donnie Osmond-style, a little bit country and a little bit rock n rolll.

The first section had us tooling around the square in downtown Georgetown using the multitude of textures and hideaways there for fun shots. Must add that the new Cianfrani’s Coffee house looks great! The second section was a treat for me because we went to Berry Springs to photograph the country section (complete with 2 donkeys). Been wanting to photograph out there for a year or so and today’s overcast and rainy conditions proved challenging but fun. Duck weather as her grandma called it. Can’t wait to go back to Berry Springs in the Spring when the wildflowers are blooming!

Thanks to Deanna and her family for trusting us with their Senior Portraits. Show her some love in the comments!







Austin: Round Rock Senior High School Portraits

Round Rock HS Senior Portraits #-7

I am never worried about the future when I meet clients like Austin here. He runs his own golf-ball finding business (ask him!), is already working on his pilot lesson, and has the coolest jeep we have photographed yet! How could the photos not turn out amazing, I mean check out the burnt orange jeep with maxed out LED lighting and a nice lift for those big ole tires. Though I think Austin was a bit jealous of the fuel range of the AzulOx Jetta TDI.

Our locations for the day were the Castle Hill Graffiti Wall and an undisclosed parking lot near the Oasis. The jeep had no problem getting up that rock, don’t think the Jetta could handle it, ha! We also utilized the top of the Oasis parking garage in a stone concrete stair well with a spot grid for the last photo. Simple and elegant way to control the ambient, get out of the sun, allowed us to shoot at f1.8, f2 ish with an off camera flash. Sorry, too much technical-babble. Anyhow, Austin the person is awesome and I am happy to have met him in the City of Austin

Where should we go for our next creative Senior Portrait Session?

Round Rock HS Senior Portraits #-2

Round Rock HS Senior Portraits #-6

Round Rock HS Senior Portraits #-13

Round Rock HS Senior Portraits #-16

Round Rock HS Senior Portraits #-21

Ashley T: Pflugerville Senior Portraits

Ashley Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-1

One of the joys of being a photographer in Pflugerville is seeing friends referring friends and then trying to top each other with their portrait sessions. Ashley is a referral and she has helped me out on shoots over the last year so it was a joy to photograph her Senior Portraits because she knew exactly what was coming. This fun filled shoot started with lollipops and ended with the stench of pumpkins behind the Methodist church but we will get to that.

We started at the coolest toy shop in Pflugerville, Toy Time, to get a few with the ring flash and her batman shirt. We bought a mask there so Ashley could be the batgirl of her dreams. We also might have rode a toddlers racy car but I am neither confirming nor denying that. From Toy Time we headed over to a field of round bales to get Ashley in the hay and the iconic Pflugerville water tower in the background. A new spot for me to shoot and a new angle on the water tower. Ashley had her cowgirl dud’s on, wearing boots, cutoff jeans and a big belt buckle plus those cool shades.

The middle portion of our session had us in one of my favorite Pflugerville photo spots, the waterfall on Gilleland Creek. Played around with shutter speed and a gridded flash to keep Ashley still but the water moving while still showing off some rare fall foliage. Ashley got soaked, I got soaked and the camera got wetter than I hoped, but the photographs turned out and that’s what matters. Our last stop is another place that I have driven past hundreds of times thinking that it would make a good photo spot and sure enough the old cotton gin near the Methodist church on Pecan was a great backdrop to Ashley’s smirk. The only issue we had was the rotting pumpkins from the halloween sale fermenting in the field next to us. Not pleasant.

And thus we have our tour of Pflugerville senior portrait session. It’s a fun feeling cruising Pflugerville making cool portraits. Already scouted some new spots so be sure to book your session soon and tell a friend!


Ashley Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-22

Ashley Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-5

Ashley Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-10

Ashley Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-11

Ashley Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-15

Ashley Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-18

Ashley Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-19

Porschia: Westin Fashion


Porschia and I met up this morning at the Westin in the Domain to kick off her official modeling career. Our goal was to work through 3 great outfits and to provide a variety of looks and lighting to start off her portfolio with a diversity of looks and styles. We started off with a gridded and snooted speedlight with a full CTO gel on the speedlight to match the warm tones of the Wine Cellar room. The first outfit and textures called for restricted, harsh lighting to help create the mood. While still in the Cellar we also used our Orbis Ring Flash to create a hard fashion light in a closeup portrait.

For our first outfit and location change we went with a “Porschia is Donald Trump” attitude. I lit this differently than any photo I have done. The hair light is behind Porschia and a bit high. The light itself is a fotodiox daylight balanced video light aiming toward her right ear. The key light is a speedlight bounced into the silver side of circular reflector to mimic the sheen and specularity of the fabric to Porschia’s left. I think it has an interesting feel to the light. Going to work this that setup again to see how far we can push that technique.

The fourth photograph was also special because we used the giant window light as a scrim. No flashes! Very rare, but when the light is good the light is very good. Porschia looks like she has been doing this all her life, but no, just the first time!

And lastly we come to my favorite photograph of the day, #5. To me, it should be on a billboard or movie poster, just a great moment with super cool lighting mix of ambient and another 1/2 CTO gelled flash in a Westcott Apollo Orb. The best part is the yellow light behind is the background that the Westin staff check in guests at. We had just a tiny sliver of working area to photograph in and Porschia just nails the Hollywood feel. And that’s how we ended the day.

Which one is yall’s favorite?





Helina: Pflugerville Senior Portraits

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-1

Helina and I have been working on the theme and concept for the creative half of her senior portraits since we photographed her older sister’s senior portraits. With Helina’s love of all things Italian and my love of vintage fashion we decided on theme that can best be described as Audrey Hepburn as shot for Vogue Italia. Our locale is the fabulous Taylor Mansion in Taylor, Texas a place with it’s own history and stories to tell. We loved using their Victorian-styled drawing room downstairs and the intricate stained glass hallway upstairs. We Highly Recommend the staff and venue for portrait sessions and weddings, just has a vibe about it.

For the second half of our shoot we explored downtown Taylor with its different era buildings and background playing host to our photographic whims. Helina’s blue outfit contrasted amazingly with the red door we found in one alley. An abandoned loading dock with green hues paired well with our letter jacket pose and the Pflugerville HS blue. This was our first time in downtown Taylor and we are definitely heading back, we saw some great urban textures that would look super for other portraits including a green wall with frosted glass that intrigues me.

Thanks to Ashley for helping us out on this shoot and a big thanks to Helina for collaborating on such an amazing Senior Session. Make sure and give her lots of love in the comments!

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-11

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-6

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-7

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-9

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-15

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-20

Kiara: Dripping Springs Senior Portraits

Dripping Springs Senior Portraits #-6

Kiara is the second of our Class of 2014 Senior from Dripping Springs. We have been planning her shoot for a few years now it seems and her happiness and personality is on full display here. The sunflower setting is in her own backyard and we can’t tell which are sunnier, the flowers or her smile! Then we headed over to old town Dripping Springs at Mercer Street and had a blast shooting around the old building and setting sun.

Make sure and send us an email at if you are interested in having AzulOx take your senior portrats!


Dripping Springs Senior Portraits #-3

Dripping Springs Senior Portraits #-15

Dripping Springs Senior Portraits #-22

Dripping Springs Senior Portraits #-23

Zach: Dripping Springs Senior Portraits

Dripping Springs Senior Portraits #-9

Meet Zach, a defensive end for the Dripping Springs Tigers and a Senior in the Class of 2014. Zach plans to attend the University of Texas and study business. We applaud both of those choices (Hook’Em!). If that doesn’t work out, I think Zach could also be a live action Ken doll. Had a great time shooting around Mercer Street in old Dripping Springs, cool textures and great sunlight filtering through. We can’t wait to get back there and shoot some more. We also might have run onto the football field to get a few “Friday Night Lights” style shots with Zach’s Letterman Jacket. Great young man to work with, easy going nature and up for all of our ideas. Tomorrow we will share the other half to this shoot starring Kiara!

Dripping Springs Senior Portraits #14

Dripping Springs Senior Portraits #-20

Dripping Springs Senior Portraits #37

Dripping Springs Senior Portraits #1

Dominique: Elgin High School Senior 2014

Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait #-1

Perfect fall in Texas day to photograph Dom’s Senior Portraits. From the start at Waterloo Records to the finish at the Lamar pedestrian bridge where we could hear the ending to ACL we had a super good time and managed to make a few interesting photographs along the way. The start at Waterloo had meaning because it was the first place Dominique drove herself in Austin from Elgin, how fitting a start. We browsed CD’s and Vinyl records and made a few snaps to showcase where we were. The light was doing fun things outside that made it feel like California and carefree. That’s the second image in the post, made in the parking lot of Waterloo to curious onlookers.

From Waterloo we made the short drive over to the Castle Hill graffiti walls. I love the variability of textures and wall art because every time we go to take portraits the walls are different. Had a fun jaunt up to the top to get the skyline photo, fun trek with a big light! Dom had told me that her favorite colors are black and red and wouldn’t you know it, we got a red robot to go with Dom’s black outfit and Matthew McConaughey’s visage imploring us to keep Austin weird. Got it, Matt.

The last scene is all from the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge. We really enjoyed trying to get the feel of commotion and energy of the bridge while Dominique stood still and composed. Helped that the crowd was departing the third day of ACL as the sun was setting.

Really fun shoot for us as Dominique’s personality and ours are both slightly off-center. She gave us the freedom to explore the type of photographs that we really enjoy making. Tell Dom how great she looked in the comments!


Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait #-2

Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait #-3

Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait #-4

Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait #-6

Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait Blog#-233