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Jumping Lessons - August 2009

A quick update here while I listen to some Jack Ingram.
Last weekend started off with the Rogue Water Stop on Thursday and just rolled on right through Monday. Friday, was a get ready day. Charge batteries, pack up, and put everything by the front door. Then it was 5 projects in 3 days! wooo, my trigger finger certainly got a workout.

Saturday morning began before dawn with a 10 mile run around the trail followed by a dip in Barton Springs. Almost as good as an ice bath. This week’s dip was even better because naked lady wasn’t there to strike up a conversation with. 🙂 After the run, I headed over to Torchy’s for some tacos, quite possibly the best barbacoa I have eaten in the last few year. I love barbacoa on corn.

Marathon Kickoff
After taco time it was photo time, Headed over to Rogue Equipment to cover their Austin Marathon Kick Off party which featured Amy Culp, the nutritionist, and Cassidy Philips, founder of Trigger Point. There was also Chris Gunderson showing off the new Brooks running shoe lineup.

Got home, edited, posted then napped. Saturday night was a surprise project for a friend. Can’t post those photos just yet. But it went off successfully covering a subject I don’t usually cover. So I was happy to have some translateable skills.

Whitney, Brian, Wesley & Lyla
Sunday morning was another editing session to finish up on Saturday’s images. Sunday evening, I had a family shoot in San Antonio which I was happy with the results.
I was lucky to get a few shots that I think are generational. By that I mean that in 20 years the image I took will be one that helps define the childhood. Maybe the term bookmark image? Anyway it’s of my nephew running and I really enjoy it. Wesley is also demonstrating some good running form in the picture. He might be another family marathoner at some point.

Then on to Monday, my wife wanted new pictures of the horse she rides because he had his summer coat and was shiny. (not Serenity Shiny, but Red is that too). I always like taking pictures at Ramaker Stables, such a lovely place, and especially of jumping lessons. Way more interesting that dressage lessons. It helps that jumping lessons are in the outdoor arena (better light), than the indoor area (mixed ambient of sodium vapor and daylight with a few tungsten thrown in).

This weekend, I will be in Houston for Friday and Saturday for some clients. So follow me on my twitter feed. @azulox

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