Baby Blake

4 Hands as 1

One of the many wonderful aspects of being a photographer is the chance to be a part of people’s lives at amazing times. We photographed Katie & Sean’s engagements and wedding last year and we just had the opportunity to photograph their new family addition, baby Blake. As if that isn’t special enough, Sean is on a 2 week leave from the Air Missile Defense station in Kuwait near the Iranian Border, and is due to leave again for the rest of the year in 10 days.

A Father's Love

As the father of a young son myself I can only imagine the roller coaster of emotions for Sean (and Katie too!) The joy of meeting and spending time with a newborn son is an amazingly precious time. Then having to leave for months and months to live and work in a combat zone. We really looked to capture that love and preciousness in order for Sean to take a few of these images with him overseas.

Teeny Tiny Hands

One of the aspects of our company that makes photographs like this possible is that we can setup a studio anywhere to meet your specific needs. We were able to come to Katie & Sean’s house and setup a cozy spot for baby Blake and the rest of the family to share this time together. Think about that next time you are scheduling your next photography session.


We love y’all Jackson Family, keep fighting the good fight.


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