Ashley & Andrew: Bounce House Engagements

We love stepping outside the box of normal engagement session portraits from underwater romance to Indiana Jones the sky is the limit for AzulOx Photography. In talking with Ashley, she felt that an out of the box session was definitely the right idea for her and her fiance Andrew. She mentioned that she was a bit of a book lover and that Andrew was more over the top zany. I can relate to both. A bounce house seemed like just the spot to show off Andrew and his acrobatic zeal, and we came to find out that Ashley was a cheerleader in High School so we got her in the air too!

Went with a little over the top saccharine expressions and lighting in the last couple of images to match to the bright colors and artificial lighting of the location. Later in the day we photographed the happy couple downtown around the spot of their engagement. I just wanted to highlight the differences we can make with a little lighting and a little creativity.

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