Antonio & Michelle: Lone Oak Barn Wedding


No pressure for this wedding, the groom Antonio is also a photographer and he is up for anything. The bride, Michelle, is the little sister of one of our running friends. The expectations are always high of course, but I would be lying if I wasn’t a bit nervous heading into this fall Saturday. Thankfully we had the team from Life Styled Events to keep the day running smooth.

The ceremony at St. Elizabeth of Hungary started the day off with a dual language service. Beautiful stained glass adorned the chapel with vignettes of the other area Catholic Churches, a nice inclusive touch. From the church it was off to one of favorite venues, Lone Oak Barn in Round Rock, where the party really got started.

A few of the brushstrokes from the reception that stood out to me: A fun photobooth, a dad’s toast that veered into Cajun, the groom and his mother dance that left my eyes a little watery, and a couple madly in love. Of course the cowbell to ring for a kiss was the evening’s favorite game to play anytime Antonio and Michelle were more than 5 feet away from each other.

Congratulations to Antonio & Michelle!



















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  1. Josh,

    I’m so glad to read that the nervous one was you. Michelle and I had 150% confidence on you, your team and your “Out of the Chart” delightful work.
    Besides being an artist and amazing photographer, you are a great individual!! We had so much fun during the engagement session and obviously at the wedding.
    You have all it takes to be a photographer that brings his job up to the next level; it is not just good enough to know composition, aperture, shooter speeds, color and light balance to have great results. It takes an out of the box perspective, unique lighting technic, an outstanding personality to keep things rolling and keeping people at their best expression, attention to detail, expecting the right moment even before it happens due to your capability of sensing the next reaction and loving what you do to make it happen.

    We have to thank Kelly and Wendy for putting your name out there as the first option. Our wedding was one of a kind and it was a complete success thanks to the united effort and superb involvement from all parties.

    Thanks again
    Antonio & Michelle V.

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