AJ & Jennifer: Waco Wedding

We are so thrilled to be sharing the first true Waco Wedding we have covered with both stills and motion. AJ & Jennifer are the happy couple that are the stars of this show from the Phoenix Ballroom. The day contained many firsts for us not the least of which is that Jennifer is an adventuresome bride and climbed into the wrestling ring outside her hotel. She felled all comers to take the Champion Belt, quite a feat in a wedding dress. Certainly our first wrestling champ bride. The second first is a raise the shoe game that I have never seen before. Kind of like the Dating Game but with better sartorial choices.

The final first is hard to put into words, but the brother of the bride came out in a dress for the dollar dance and proceeded to reenact the dance scene from Dirty Dancing with the best man. The dollars went to not dance with him!

We had a great time in Waco, let’s do it again sometime.

Make sure and watch the wedding trailer below, leave a happy comment for AJ & Jennifer!

AJ Jennifer Social-3

AJ Jennifer Social-5

AJ Jennifer Social-6

AJ Jennifer Social-7

AJ Jennifer Social-8

AJ Jennifer Social-11

AJ Jennifer Social-14

AJ Jennifer Social-15

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AJ Jennifer Social-26

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