Josh Baker

Founder & Principal Photographer

Dream Shoot
Fashion for Vanity Fair
Favorite Band in High School:
George Strait
Post Shoot Drink
Shiner Bock
Favorite Contemporary Photographer:
Dan Winters
When I was 4, I wanted to be
A Comedian
In a Crowd or One to One
In a Crowd
Favorite Night Out
Night Out? I have 2 young boys...
Ideal Subject

Andrew Fritz

Partner & Principal Photographer

Dream Shoot
On Assignment with NatGeo
Favorite Band in High School
The Cure
Post Shoot Drink
Sour Mash and Gingerale
Favorite Contemporary Photographer
Art Wolfe
When I was 4, I wanted to be
A Train Engineer
In a Crowd or One to One
One to One
Favorite Night Out
Dinner and a Movie at Home
Ideal Subject
New Zealand

Which of you took the picture?

There are a lot of images on our site. Want to know which one of us took each of them? AzulOx is a team. Josh and Andrew, along with a supporting cast of other photographers and videographers, work to consistently produce top quality images. While each photographer has his or her own vision and style, to be a member of our team they must consistently produce results that meet our standards.

So, if you can't tell which of us took which image, don't worry about it. We know of course (a little friendly competition keeps us both on our tows), but it doesn't matter beyond that.

Located in the Heart of Texas

AzulOx is based in Central Texas and regularly works in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown and surrounding areas. We also offer service world wide and have recently completed projects in Portland, Oregan; Los Angelos California; New Orleans, Louisiana; Guanajuato, Mexico; New York, New York; Washington, DC and Calcutta, India.  At AzulOx, we embrace the adage, "Have camera, will travel" and we love an adventure.


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